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Live, Laugh, and Love with Skeletor

I inherited all of my brother’s He-Man action figures when he moved on to Transformers, which resulted in my first beloved TV show. Masters of the Universe was my favorite show as a little kid but I didn’t know that’s what it was called. I always called it He-Man and didn’t even know it was really called something else until I was older.

Now I’m always happy when I see people created content with Masters of the Universe characters. I don’t see it often and that’s a bummer. I did see this recently and it’s pretty magical. Someone put their tacky photo frame to good use with good ole Skeletor.*

Skeletor is the true Master of the Universe

*Don’t know who Skeletor is?! Well here’s Wikipedia’s entry:
Skeletor is a fictional character and the primary antagonist of the Masters of the Universe franchise created by Mattel. He is the archenemy of He-Man. Depicted as a muscular blue humanoid with a purple hood over his yellow bare-bone skull, Skeletor seeks to conquer Castle Grayskull so he can obtain its ancient secrets, which would make him unstoppable and enable him to conquer and rule the fictional world of Eternia. However, the incompetence of his henchmen is always an issue to achieving his ambitions.

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