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Harry Potter Wand Making Guide

All the characters in Harry Potter have unique wands. Ollivander had a lot to consider during his days crafting wands. Someone made this spreadsheet that breaks down the main elements of creating a wand; wand wood, core, and size. For reference, Harry Potter’s wand phoenix feather filled stick of holly. You may remember that it was, “nice and supple.” Here are some notable wands:

Wizard/Witch Wand Wood Core Size
Harry Potter Holly Phoenix Feather 11″
Hermione Granger Dragon Heartstring Core 10¾”
Voldemort Yew Phoenix Feather 13½”
Draco Malfoy Hawthorn Unicorn Hair 10″

Hawthorn, unicorn hair, 10″

I think I’d go with a mahogany wand with a dragon heartstring core. I’m fine with 8 inches. The shorter it is the easier to pull out … hmm. Oh wait, the wand chooses the wizard so who’s knows what I’d receive.

Harry Potter Wand Making Guide

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