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What’s Your Favorite Coloring Style?

Many believe that the first thing that readers notice in comic books is the color. I agree because the first thing I notice with a black and white comic is the lack of color. When I was a kid I refused to buy any comics that were black and white. I thought of it as a bad deal because they were the same price as comics with color. I still believe that in a way but now I understand that the lack of color can add to the the mood of the story. Different coloring is added to different layers in software like photoshop.

Below is an example of colors that “glow” being added to their own layer as you can see with Dr. Strange’s pink and green magic on the left. Then we have full color on the right. I don’t know what issue this is from or what’s going on but I’m still not used to seeing Spider-Man without his mask in front of his bros like it’s no big deal.

Coloring Dr. Strange and Spider-Man

Here’s a great example of six different coloring styles used in comic books. I feel┬áthe coloring style used can lend a lot to the tone of the comic being read. Which Wolverine is your favorite?

Coloring Style

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